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Dave Ogden: Home

Thanks for dropping by! Please check the News page to see where I'm playing and what I've been up to. You'll find background info on my playing and instruments on the Bio and Links pages.

My cd "And Why Not" came out in 2010. Here’s what people said about it. There are other comments in the guestbook. Thanks to everyone who has written in, I deeply appreciate it!

"Very beautiful music, performance, and production" -Jamie Laval, Asheville NC,

"What a treat to have your music!  I love it and feel it will be very special to me. You've got a lot of talent and heart." Sandy Seufert, Los Angeles,

"Hey Dave,  I wanted to let you know I got a copy of your CD and have really enjoyed listening to it. Mighty good finger picking!!  Take care," -Andrea Voinot, San Francisco, CA,

"-love your music Dave.  we listen to your CD all the time." -Eilam Byle, Ojai CA,

"I just listened to your music and it made me wish I could play like that. Most Excellent!" -Tom Hitt, Chicago IL

"Really great work!  The sound is first rate.  Love the guitar work.  Really superb.  That baritone sounds amazing!" -Roger Landes, Lubbock TX, and

"Dave Ogden's tremendously talented--reminds me of Laurence Juber." -Jeff Schlichting, Larkspur, CA

"Love the CD! It's my go-to disc in the car. Dave, I'm in awe of your talent and the years of discipline and practice you've dedicated to honing it." -Roy Kissin, Larkspur CA

"Uncle D, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely Love your CD! I listen to it every day while studying... it's gotten to the point where I can't study with out it!" -Tammany Ogden, Western WA State U., Bellingham WA

"Dave I have had your CD in the car for the past few days and it has infused my mental tendrils with many shimmering rippling melodies and rhythms.  Ace job man!  I really like the slip jig set but all in all it's a masterpiece.  I'd put it up there with Davey Graham, Gerald Trimble, and a groovy dulcimer LP by Michael Rugg that I have.  I might have mentioned Pierre Bensusan but you seem to avoid his extreme rubato and string snapping.  No worries!  Encore!" -Gary Worsham, Los Gatos, CA

"I love the pastoral complexity...  recorded beautifully with excellent instrumentation!" -Tom Donovan, Los Angeles, CA 

"Loved it!....and why not?" -Peggy Seville, Belleville, Ontario Canada

"My son took the cd back to college with him because he could not stop listening to it!" -Mike Joyce, Pauma Valley, CA,

"All tracks are very impressive; I am especially taken with the first one Bonaparte/'s so damned joyful!  We are pleased to have it in our collection of music at will get a lot of play (playing now, actually)" -George Edwards, Palos Verdes, CA

"absolutely lovely.  Stellar recording, too.  I have a pretty nice stereo rig, and the overall sound of this disc (warmth, presentation, immediacy) is among the very best in my collection (over 8k CDs and still climbing)." -Dave Burna, Chicago

“Good job!” –Kim Robertson, Milwaukee, WI,

"Great cd! I like your arrangement of the Johnstown Reel very much!" -Rebecca Knorr, Edinburgh Scotland,

“Enjoying it very much... my two favorite CDs released this year are yours and “An Evening With A. L. Lloyd” –David Nigel Lloyd, Bakersfield, CA,

“your solo CD is killer good… arrangements are true to the melody while being fresh, plus I love your phrasing and ornamentation.” –Kathy Wingert, Palos Verdes, CA,

“a tour de force, what a fine cd” –Mary Tulin, Sequim, WA,

“I LOVE your CD!” –Brenda Hunter, Bakersfield, CA,

“Reminds me of Michael Hedges” –David Buzby, San Francisco, CA

“Excellent album!” –Peter Wonderly, Bakersfield, CA

 “Well Done.” –Peter Noy, Seattle, WA,

“Amazing” –Merry Teesdale, Bellingham, WA,

“am sitting here on a gray and gloomy day with the fire going and a cup of coffee, listening to dave's music. i really like it...closing my eyes it conjures the feel of walking through the mist, over lushly green hills toward the rocky cliffs above a crashing surf.” –Jean McAbee, Bakersfield, CA

“Listening to your CD right now. It is fabulous!” –Ginny O’Kelly, Wenatchee, WA

“Nice stuff!!” –Pat Japenga, Boulder, CO

“I enjoyed it driving to town today. Bob L. and Dave L. were here when it came in and were envious." –Daniel Schoenfeld, Cazadero, CA,

“Excellent!!! Everything was ‘Spot On’.  EVERYTHING!” – John Frigaard, Fairfax, CA

“really enjoyed it a lot” –John and Clare Gahan, Ventura, CA

“lovely,  it reminds me a bit of John Renbourn” –Susan Haldeman, San Francisco, CA

“Wonderful!” –Rebecca Hanson, Japan

“had me reflecting on Will Ackerman, Richard Thompson … -majestic!” –Dave Munoz, San Rafael, CA, haikudave

“beautiful, calming, instrumental throughout. He plays so many instruments--Dave has a new fan!" –Janet Fleming, Mill Valley, CA 

“Delightful” –Dan & Cassandra Auerbach, Thousand Oaks, CA

“I think your new CD is great. I really enjoy listening to it.” –Mark Sherman, Ventura, CA

“We love it.” –Vince & Wendy Hoss, Hart Flat, CA

“really like your music style.” –Harry Love, Bakersfield, CA,

“,,,really enjoy your music.” –Nancy + Gordie Argue, No. Vancouver, B.C.

“I’ve been enjoying the album very much.” Becky Deryckx, Mt. Vernon, WA

"Dave Ogden is one talented guy!" -Kevin Lederman, Seattle