1. Tune for Gia

From the recording Tune for Gia

I wrote this tune for my girlfriend Gia. She's the one who keeps my feet on the ground, who knows where I'd wander off to otherwise. I'm playing my '34 Martin 000-18 in DADGAD tuning at capo 2. This guitar is one I've had for over 20 years, I bought it at a guitar show in the late 1980's for $800. The seller thought it was a basket case, but I gave it to my friend Jim Baggett of Mass. St. Music in Lawrence KS, a terrific luthier and all around great guy. He brought it back to life and I've been playing it ever since. It's a late 1934, with the shorter 24.9" scale. There's something about the guitar's high end, so detailed and full, that works great in the recording studio. I used to gig with it but now that it's worth more than ten times what I paid for it I keep it at home and have been systematically playing as many new guitars as possible trying to find something that works as well. It's been an interesting struggle!