The three tunes in this set are arranged in the way you'd find them in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia dancing. They start with an air, "The Glen of Copsewood," then a strathspey, "The Highlands of Banffshire" and into a reel, "The Merry Making." They were all published in Captain Simon Fraser's 1815 collection. David and Kate Greenberg put them together as a set for Ferintosh, the trio he shared with Abby Newton on cello and Kim Robertson on harp. I met Ferintosh through Debbie Hand, a cellist in Tehachapi who runs the Fiddler's Crossing website (one of the best collections of traditional printed music in the U.S., right here in my back yard). I filled in for Kim (who's schedule is a gypsy caravan of harp festivals every weekend all year long) for a few dates while they were here in California, and worked on their unreleased second album for a month in the summer of 2006 at my recording studio, Clear Creek Recording. The musicianship in the group was nothing short of astonishing, and very inspiring. I had fun getting these tunes together for DADGAD guitar, and as usual I'm playing my '34 000-18. I used a wound 2nd, giving the "flamenco" treatment I came up with for the last tune a more authentic, rasping buzzy sound.