1. Johnstown Reel

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I started playing the flute in the millennium year 2000, buying a used keyless wooden flute at the Summer Solstice Festival in Calabasas, CA. I took a few lessons from Richard Cook, a great player based in Orange Co., several hours away from where I live, but I knew I needed to get some serious instruction if I was ever to get anywhere on the instrument. I looked around on the internet and found the Boxwood music camp in Nova Scotia, run by the great flute player Chris Norman. I flew to Halifax to attend the camp in the summer of 2001. Catherine McEvoy and Mike Rafferty were the two Irish flute teachers, and I spent the week going to their classes and absorbing their playing. I also got to know Rebecca Knorr at the camp, who had come over from Scotland to get a few pointers from Chris. Rebecca is an excellent musician and had an album out with her group Calluna, which is where I heard her tune Johnstown Reel. It's a beautiful slow reel that she wrote for her Grandmother in Johnstown PA.