1. Round the Horn

From the recording Round the Horn

I'm not sure when I first heard this great old-time American type tune written by Jay Unger, the fiddler who wrote "Ashokan Farewell" for the Ken Burns Civil War series. I worked it up in DADGAD several years ago, then added a flute part when I recorded it. The guitar on this track is my '34 Martin 000-18, the flute was made in London circa 1840 by Herman Wrede. It's a typical medium hole eight key "concert" flute of the period, similar to those made by Henry Wylde. The headjoint was made of antique cocus wood by Peter Noy, a flutemaker in Seattle. Peter added an ivory blowing edge to the embouchure on this head, and with the antique body it has a nice reedy tone that I've been in love with for quite a few years now.