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Dave Ogden: News

Where to hear me!

I might not drop by to update this website that often, sorry! Please send me an email at if you're trying to get in touch, or a text or call to (661) 204-8047. I've had to turn off the guestbook feature of this website due to getting dozens of spam messages a day.

I play regularly at San Joaquin Hospital in Bakersfield via the ArtCare program of the Arts Council of Kern. I'm there Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 6 pm, and Thursday mornings from 10 to 12. Where I actually am playing is another story, since it changes constantly, but you could text me and I'll let you know! I sit and play fingerstyle guitar on the floors where patients are recovering, 4th and 5th floors North, and occasionally 4th and 5th floors South and 3rd floor South and the Burn Center. Also, Brenda and I play harp and flute in the the main lobby from 5 to 6pm every Wednesday evening. That's a consistent spot to find us.

I also play in Ventura with the Sunday Drivers every first and third Sunday of every month at Dargans Pub, Main Street at Chestnut, from 4 to 6 pm. It's a fun band that plays Irish and Scottish trad tunes in a cool pub. We've got Ashley Broder on mandolin, who has just released a solo cd called "Two Trees," great music that I highly recommend!  We also have Nick and Allison Buckmelter on flute and fiddle, and occasionally Chris Loken comes up from L.A. to play fiddle as well. It's always a fun evening, if you're ever in Ventura on one of the Sunday evenings that we're there, come on by!

I'm still working on my next cd, and will post more info as it gets closer. I hope to be out playing other places after it's out. If you have any suggestions on places to play, please let me know! Thanks so much for dropping by and reading this!

"And Why Not" is out!

My new CD, "And Why Not" was released in mid-December, 2010. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen and write in. Your response creates the wind in my sails.

I recently bought a new Bose p.a. system and have added it to my solo gigs. I'm also working on putting together backing tracks for my solo gigs so I can branch out and add flute and drum parts.

I've been working up fingerstyle guitar arrangements of traditional American old-time tunes, which is great fun and somewhat poetic for me. My uncle Daniel Miller Ogden Jr. published his history of our Ogden family in 1987, where I learned that my Grandfather Daniel Miller Ogden played the guitar (my Dad says he also played fiddle), and that my great Grandfather Robert S. Ogden kept a general store in Sardis, West Virginia that regularly hosted old time music around the wood stove, where he played fiddle. His father, William Rhodem Ogden, who lived from 1804 to 1885, was a country doctor on Ten Mile Creek in Harrison Co., Virginia, (before the area became part of West Virginia) and was also an old-time fiddler. It's kind of amazing to think some of the tunes I play may have been in their repertoires too. My Dad gave me my Grandad's old guitar a few years ago, I've had it repaired and put in playing condition again. It's a small guitar, typical of those made in the era after the Civil War, and it's stamped by a maker (or maybe a store) in Philadelphia, Kretschmar. I'll add photos soon!

Thanks so much for checking out my site!

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