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Dave Ogden: Links

Clear Creek Recording

My recording studio in the converted barn on my property. 

The Sunday Drivers

My band with Allison Solberg and Nicolas Buckmelter.

Blarney Rubble

This is a page about the history of Bakersfield's first Celtic group, Blarney Rubble!

Pendulum Audio

Superb sounding tube preamps, compressors and other recording equipment by my friend Greg Gualtieri.

Tony Yamamoto Guitars

I own two of Tony's guitars that I use as baritone instruments, both multi-scale, one in low C with Honduran rosewood back and sides, and one in low Bb in Cuban mahogany.  

Muiderman Guitars

My main fingerstyle guitar for the last couple of years has been a cedar top, Brazilian rosewood OM size steel string cutaway by Kevin Muiderman. There are photos of the guitar on his website. It's built like a steel string classical guitar, with a top that has a layer of kevlar sandwiched between layers of cedar, and has lattice bracing like a Greg Smallman guitar. It's super loud, which is great for playing solo at the hospital, and also very balanced and even across the guitar's range. After playing x braced guitars for decades it's been a revelation. 

Ed Claxton guitars

I have several of Ed Claxton's guitars, which I just love for their beauty and sound. Ed's guitars have the most exquisite craftsmanship I've ever seen. He makes all his bindings and rosettes from the finest woods, collected over his 40 year career, and puts them together with taste and an eye to perfection. Every one of his guitars I've ever touched has been an inspiration to play. 

Dazzo Pickups

Teddy Randazzo makes the best acoustic guitar pickups I've heard. I have them in all my gigging guitars and i've been really happy with the sound. He has the ability to customize the two transducers in his system to best represent the sound of the instrument. He a great guy too, I can't recommend him highly enough!